What You Need To Know About Soy Products

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Plant-Based Diet

With the plant-based diet movement starting to run in motion, soy products have been on the center stage and also in the center of controversies regarding claims that it causes breast cancer or that it is genetically modified. Is there any truth to the rumors around the block? Let us find out:

Do Soy Products Cause Breast Cancer?

Soy consumption in Asia is linked with a lower risk of breast cancer. Studies have found that if you consume ½ cup of tofu on a per day basis, then you are reducing the development of breast cancer by 30%! How is that for soy products cause breast cancer?

Even women who have battled cancer have a 21% greater survival rate over the course of 9 years if they consumed more soy. What about other cancers though? A study was conducted with 46,000 women and it was found that there was a 30% reduction in endometrial cancer risk in the group of women who consumed soy. The studies on intake of soy and prostate cancer in men showed that men were 20-70% less likely to develop prostate cancer if they have higher soy intakes.

Include your daily plant-based meals with fibers, proteins and soy products- over half of your daily iron, manganese, magnesium and copper needs are met by them. There are also significant amounts of Vitamin B, K and E. Even tofu that is processed and packed is considered healthy and is packed with essential nutrients.

Do Soy Products Contain GMOs?

There is a fair amount of worry around the genetically modified (GMO) soy products and the fertilizers and pesticides that are needed to grow them, 9 in 10 of the major food producers produce non-GMO soy for human consumption. The GMO crops are fed to livestock like pig, cattle, chicken which are then used for human consumption. If you are still on your toes, then it would make sense to check the labeling on the soy products to see if they are made with non-GMO and organic soybeans.

Curtain Closer

Unless and until you have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to soy, soy products are inherently not unsafe for human consumption. There is no reason for one to avoid these from their list of plant-based food sources, as the countless benefits of having them on your plate cannot be overlooked. Soy products are jam-packed with nutrients and help you to make your plant-based recipes tastier. After all, soy products are the closest to meat texture among all of the plant-based foods.