Is Fat The Cause Of Insulin Resistance And Diabetes?

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

Would you be surprised if you knew you could reverse your diabetes by sticking to a plant-based diet with plant-based foods?

Studies dating back almost to a century ago, where a group of healthy, young people was split into two: on one side you have those who eat a fat-rich diet and the other is packing a carbohydrate-rich diet. In the span of just 2 days, the glucose intolerance levels of the fat group reached a fever high. It was found that the group that was stuffing themselves with fat had 2 times the blood sugar levels than the carbohydrate-rich gang.  As the amount of fat goes into your body, so does the resulting blood sugar levels.

But the question goes- why does eating fat increase the blood sugar levels?

There is a reason why athletes bulk up in carbs right before a race- so that their fuel and energy supplies are stocked. The starch is broken down into glucose inside the digestive tract, and this moves around the circulatory system and raises the blood sugar levels.  This sugar is then taken up by the muscles for it to be burnt for energy.

The blood sugar requires an invitation to enter into the cell. Insulin is the one that is handing out the invitation. Insulin is the one that opens the door of the cell for the blood sugar to make its way into the cell. When insulin attaches to the insulin receptor on the cell, it activates enzymes that promote glucose transport.

What Happens When There Isn’t Any Insulin?

This means that blood sugar will be stuck in the bloodstream, with it being unable to get into the cell. With nowhere to go, the blood sugar levels keep increasing, and this is what morphs to type 1 diabetes. The pancreas ensures that the insulin gets deployed, and without the insulin to ‘open the doors’ of the cell, the sugar cannot find its way from the blood to the muscle.

There is another way in which you could end up with high blood sugar levels. This is when there is enough insulin to go around, but the insulin is not doing its job.

This is called insulin resistance. The muscles and cells become resistant to the insulin because the lock of the door is jammed. What is jamming it? Tiny droplets of fat that is present within muscle cells, called intramyocellular lipids.

The fat in the bloodstream can increase and create a toxic fatty breakdown that causes a block in the insulin signaling process. You can reverse this, by simply going plant-based…