Big Vegan Survey’s Results Show What It Means To Go Vegan This Year

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Meat

The veganism landscape has been changing to a great extent over the past few years. Nowadays, vegan alternatives to several big-name products are available in supermarkets. On the other hand, some celebrities encourage their millions of followers to use only vegan products.

So, while veganism may be yet to be fully mainstream, it is poised to reach that stage. Therefore, every major food producer and supplier wishes to learn more regarding vegans. Anyhow, those businesses tend to end up guesstimating which products one would like to include in their plant-based diet, plus what they want to exclude from it. This is why Vegan Food and Living magazine conducted another version of its survey for this year.

Who Participated In The Survey

Around 6,500 individuals completed the poll from November last year to January this year. Of those individuals, 85% are female, plus the biggest percentage belong to the age bracket of 45 to 54 years. Individuals who completed it are spread throughout the United Kingdom, where the biggest population is that of the South East.

Are You A Vegan Or Plant-Based Dieter?

When the magazine asked individuals to define their way of life or diet, 58% of the participants described themselves as vegans. That figure was 65% in the 2019 edition of the poll. On the other hand, 14% of them told that they would prefer using the phrase ‘plant-based’ versus the 11% from 2019. That means the use of that phrase is becoming more popular, but what is the reason for it?

As for 32% of those individuals, the reason is that they only followed vegan food eating patterns, and did not include veganism in other lifestyle aspects. Maybe they decide to use woolen jumpers and leather footwear, or it could be that they are less strict with regards to beauty decisions.

The second-most-popular cause of using that phrase is that those people do not fancy vegan-related stereotypes. So, maybe they can choose to be termed plant-based, thus dodging a few of the questions that are more awkward than others.

Then there is the 21% participant count who told that they are on a chiefly vegan diet, yet consume honey, whereas the rest stated that they sometimes eat eggs. Like plant-based meat, vegan dieters should have alternatives to eggs and honey since these two products are not vegan-friendly.