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Best Vegetables For Weight Loss

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet Obesity and overweight are common problems that affect a lot of people. They can have negative impacts on your mental and physical health. Being obese can affect your confidence and self-respect which can lead to anxiety, depression, etc. in the long-run. Additionally, the risk of diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis,

Oat Milk: Is It Healthy?

Healthy Meal Prep
Plant-Based Diet Plant-based milk alternatives have gained much popularity in recent years. They are now replacing dairy products, as these milk alternatives are found to provide a lot of health benefits without having to consume the high amounts of fat present in cow’s milk. Also, plant-based milk is a great option for people who have

Vancouver Ranks Among The World’s Best-Known Cities For Vegan Dieters

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Diet The online site Chef’s Pencil evaluates Google Adwords and Trends data, alongside web search details, to determine the lifestyle-related rankings. Veganism is becoming a more popular lifestyle in Vancouver, presumably because of Meatless Mondays, Veganuary, or people who greedily stick to this way of life. The city has been re-ranked among the best-known